Vigilant Medical Training (VMT) LLC was established in 2017 to provide basic and advanced tactical and medical preparedness training to individuals who may be faced with a tactical or medical emergency in this ever-changing world.

Vigilant Medical Training (VMT) LLC is an veteran owned and operated small business that conducts risk assessment and mitigation but is also dedicated to providing the most up to date lifesaving education and training for office workers, schoolteachers, public service workers, healthcare professionals, security personnel and members of the armed forces. Implementing high quality training by top-notch instructors, VMT offers superior instruction with the outmost professionalism and adaptability.

Our company compiles local and national instructors with Emergency Medical Services (EMS), law enforcement, military and similar backgrounds to help accommodate a course with specific instructors that are subject matter experts in the training being provided.

VMT offers educated, professional, experienced and qualified personnel dedicated to making sure your work environment and response to emergencies are as effective and efficient as possible. This includes providing you with the most up to date and effective lifesaving medical treatments and equipment to assist you, the people you work with, and the bystanders around you when an emergency takes place.