Vigilant Medical Training LLC was started as a way to give United States Special Operations Forces (SOF) members a way to transition from the military to civilian sector without having to give up certain things that the military offers. It’s a pivotal point that we do whatever we can do assist our brothers and sisters and giving them the opportunity to give back to the communities. We thrive by assisting other SOF members a chance at remaining part of the SOF or military brotherhood, conducting realistic and high quality training and most importantly, using a very specialized and important skill learned and acquired in the military and applying it to the civilian environment and teaching people how to save lives.

Current Instructors have deployed to areas all over the world including Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa, Europe, South America and many others. Returning home after defending our country and the freedoms of others, we value Veterans and recognize the unique skills they have acquired. Military acquired skills and training translates to superior knowledge for teaching medical and tactical courses for real world experiences and real world emergencies.

A lot of other instructors work full time as police officers, firefighters and paramedics. The community can greatly benefit from the hardwork and dedication you have put into become a public service worker and we are looking for qualified individuals to assist with teaching some of our programs.