What Our Clients Are Saying...

  • Allen L.
    I recently completed the the Tactical Combat Casualty Care Course offered by Vigilant Medical Training. We hit the ground running the first day! The Instructors, both current 18 Delta Special Forces Medics, were top notch and subject matter experts in their craft. The combination of the course presentation and the hands on training before going into the tactical scenarios worked well. Using the crawl, walk, run method, the group learned at the same pace regardless of past medical training. Training aids were top notch and when we started the Tactical scenarios the moulage was very realistic. Role players and outside interference as well as low light conditions kept the group on edge and our heads on a swivel providing treatment under stressful conditions about as realistic as one can get in a training environment. I highly recommend that anyone in Law Enforcement, Firefighting, or the EMS world get this training! Times have changed and the world is a different place with folks out their wishing to do others harm. Be trained, be vigilant!
    Allen L.
    NREMT, Team Medic - Beaver County Emergency Services Unit
  • Jason H.
    We recently had Vigilant Medical Training provide our first responders, supervisors and managers with the “Stop the Bleed” medical training. They definitely did not disappoint. Their level of knowledge on the subject, experience and teaching ability far exceeded my expectations. The instructors’ ability to deliver the class and convey the information in a way that everyone could understand and kept the group engaged was phenomenal especially since most of the attendees don’t have a medical background. Their use of PowerPoint as well as props and practical exercises made for an exceptional class overall. Vigilant Medical Training was also able to adapt the class to meet our needs for specific medical situations that the employees might see here in the work place. When it comes to providing required training for industry it’s easy to check the box with a mediocre class. However, if you want training that is real world, practical and leaves your employees more confident and excited to learn about safety, I would highly recommend having Vigilant Medical Training conduct your next class.
    Jason H.
    Safety & Quality Assurance Manager - Metals USA
  • Derek L.
    I had the pleasure of attending a Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) class provided by Vigilant Medical Training. The class was well balanced between classroom instruction and hands-on learning, before advancing into high stress practical scenarios. The instructors were always available for one-on-one assistance, ensuring everyone in the class was proficient with required pertinent skills. Because the staff came from U.S. Special Operations backgrounds, you can be confident that the scenario based training presented is as close to real life high stress as they can get them. The added sensory overload and deprivation forces the student to truly master the skills. Great Class, I look forward future training opportunities with Vigilant Medical Training.
    Derek L.
    Firefighter - ACAA Fire Rescue