This course is for any and all type of K9 handler or responder who has the potential to be exposed to injuries similar to that seen in tactical or combat situations. With increasing demands on our K9s and handlers its crucial that the handler is equipped and trained to handle immediate life-threatening injuries sustained to their K9 partner. Most EMS providers are not trained or qualified to assist a K9 with medical needs so it is the sole responsibility of the handler to provide the treatments. This course focuses on basic and advanced lifesaving interventions can help save your K9s life. Although it is recommended that you routinely see a veterinarian for all of your K9 needs short and long term, we will address the interventions required to save your K9s life and buy you time until you can reach a surgical veterinarian who can provide additional treatments.

Training is conducted in a variety of ways. A portion of the program is given in power point presentation format while constantly breaking off into small groups for practical exercises. Once the education is learned and the skills are understood we advance into culmination exercises. The culminating exercises are real world scenarios that responders could see in the real world.

Classes can be altered to meet your department and personnel’s specific needs and time requirements.

Whether your a police officer or a school teacher, an officer worker or sales manager, you can benefit from active shooter training and education. In the event of an active shooter event everyone no matter what will have a part in the situation, the only differences are your roles and responsibilities YOU will have. Whether that is securing your office building from the active shooter or conducting an offensive assault on a structure to eliminate the threat, we can cater training to meet your needs.

These courses are 100% custom and will be created specifically for your organization.

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This course shows individuals how to effectively secure personal computers, cell phones and personal identity as well as secure their home or business. These courses are primarily custom and given either one on one or in very small groups.

When it comes to securing your home, office or other work space we focus on two main things which are physical and technical security. Want to know more?

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